Sun God

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Rod & Patty

The beginning of May 1995 saw the release of the first (and so far only) album by the band Sun God. Sun God was formed by Rodney Orpheus, for the past two decades charismatic leader of the enormously influential Cassandra Complex; assisted by Patricia Nigiani, inspiration behind the band Aurora Sutra and formerly vocalist with successful German hard electronic group Project Pitchfork; and Marcus Giltjes, the percussion force behind many of Europe’s best independent bands, such as Girls Under Glass, Sleeping Dogs Wake, and Catastrophe Ballet.

This is not a normal album – the whole record is based completely on Voudou symbols and ideas. The music is unlike anything ever attempted before: an incredible combination of ethnic rhythms, Gothic atmosphere, industrial sampling, and ambient sounds; coupled with the unique voices of two of the most important singers in the European Electro/Gothic scene. Recorded at the legendary Wooden Horse Studios and produced by Rodney Orpheus, the album has a powerful, clear, unique sound that never fails to send shivers up the spine of all who hear it.

The record was the first released on Rodney Orpheus’ Original Artists label and was distributed by German distribution company EFA. After being out of print for some years it is now once more being made available via digital distribution from Amazon MP3, eMusic, Rhapsody, and iTunes, among others.

Shortly after the release of the Sun God album Tippy Agogo and Lacasa del Cid replaced Marcus Giltjes in the band, and later joined by m:.x:.d:. on keyboards, the band embarked on a series of festival shows in Europe, including the Matzen Festival in Vienna, Austria, the Sauerland festival in Olpe, Germany and the Moonchild Gothic festival in Leipzig, Germany. Their live show was incredibly powerful and exciting, featuring several live drummers and a bizarre ritual atmosphere. It was not uncommon for the audience to get so carried away at their concerts that they become possessed or begin making love during the show!

In 1998 the band were also featured in the cult German vampire movie “Kiss My Blood” which has been shown at film festivals across Europe.

With the re-release of this classic album, Rodney Orpheus is currently thinking of touring again with the band.